4 Ways Social Media Can Help You Generate Leads

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Social media networks are no longer about just “comments” and “shares.” Over the last few years, social media has evolved into an effective platform for attracting visitors and generating leads for businesses.

According to a report by Social Media Examiner, more than 90 percent of marketers are focused on social media for generating leads for their business.

Small businesses are leveraging the influence of social networks for creating a brand for themselves. Through posts, pictures and videos, businesses are encouraging social mentions and conversations about their products and services. Social media also makes your brand appear more personable. Your customers can approach you, ask you questions and pass your name on to their family and friends.

Here are a few ways social median can help you generate leads:

  1. Consider using a tracking pixel: A tracking pixel is an unobtrusive way to generate and track leads on your website without any forms or buttons. With a tracking pixel, you can track the profiles of your online visitors from various social networks. If you notice that a business or individual is looking at your website frequently, you will know they are likely interested in your offerings.
  2. Share engaging content: It is important to distribute a steady stream of engaging content to be noticed on social media. However, an astounding number of marketers fail to create compelling content for their target audience. According to research, social media users are frightened by excessive promotion with random messaging. Instead of getting lost potential customers’ news feeds, you must offer something that will spark their enthusiasm. Useful content will not only retain existing customers but also attract new customers who would not otherwise be exposed to your marketing tactics.
  3. Giveaways work well: Giveaway campaigns that your target audience will enjoy are an excellent tactic for gaining their attention and collecting their contact information. By launching a giveaway campaign, you can engage your potential buyers and incentivize them to interact with your brand. For the prizes, you can try giving away things like free membership to your service. This prize will help your sales team because potential customers who will collect the prize will mostly be people who are interested in using your product.
  4. Reach out to influencers: Influencers play an integral role in promoting your brand among your target audience. This approach focuses on recognizing the key influencers of your industry, reaching out to them and promoting your products to their followers. This will help drive traffic to your website as well as maximize conversion rates. You can reach out to your influencers on Twitter by retweeting and sharing their posts, and on LinkedIn you can join the same groups and participate in discussions with your influencers.

Without a doubt, the most important part of your social media presence is ensuring you are actively engaging with potential and existing customers and playing an important role in their social media experiences. Cost-effective and easy to set up, social networks are an effective way to have instant access to a pool of potential customers who are looking to engage with your business every day.

Social media marketing is a popular and effective way for increasing the visibility of your products as well as generating leads for your business.

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