5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Online Ratings

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Nearly 90 percent of customers read online reviews, and 88 percent of customers have faith in online reviews more than they believe personal recommendations. Not just this, but a customer may spend 31 percent more on a product that is rated excellent by users.

Now, in order to collect enough reviews to make an impact on your customers’ buying decisions, you need to collect more than 10 reviews every month. Also, it is important that your customers give you high ratings and write genuine reviews. The following five tips can help you collect at least 10 to 20 reviews each month. These tips will also enhance your brand recognition, increase customer engagement and drive sales.

1. Ask and educate your customers: Have you ever asked your customers for reviews? After every purchase, you should contact your customers through email, telephone or a postcard and request them to leave reviews. Also, it is a good idea to educate your customers on the correct way to post reviews. Most customers don’t bother leaving reviews on your social media pages simply because they don’t realize the importance of reviews for the success of your business.

2. Simplify the review process: Make it simple for users to leave a review. Most of your customers would prefer just a text box on your social media page or business website for collecting reviews and testimonials. You can also place a prominent button on the product page on your business website encouraging your customers to rate your products or services by clicking the button. You may choose to make the review process transparent by taking visitors to a page where all the reviews and ratings from other users are displayed.

3. Contact your reviewers: Irrespective of the star rating you received, you must contact every visitor who leaves a review on your website or social media page. If you notice a 5-star rating on your brand’s Facebook page or a superb text on your website, don’t shy away from thanking the reviewer. You can also seek their permission to share their shoutout on other social media channels. Similarly, you must contact customers who write negative reviews, as ignoring these won’t solve the issue. Try to pacify the angry customer and resolve the issue. Negative reviews could be an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and enhance your customer service.

4. Acknowledge and reward: In order to keep customers motivated and to thank them for their efforts, you could consider surprising them with a gift coupon or freebies on their next visit. The surprise factor will add to their satisfaction. You could thank your happy customers for their positive reviews by including their names and pictures on your website, newsletters or social media pages.

5. Focus on customer service: You will need to maintain excellent levels of customer service and a strong conflict resolution process. Without these two factors, your customers will continue to be disappointed by your lack of response and will end up venting their frustration in the form of online negative reviews. Also, make sure that your website conveys the actual picture of the post-sales service that you will provide. For instance, if your product delivery is expected to take longer than usual, make sure you convey this to your customers in advance so that they don’t have unrealistic expectations.

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