A Complete Guide for Selecting the Right Online Reputation Management Solution for Your Business

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Online reputation management is crucial to businesses. The more popular your brand, the more critical it will be to keep checks on it, and the more time and resources it will consume. If people are talking about your brand online, you should know about it. As a business owner, it is vital to monitor your online reputation. The efforts that you put in and the resources that you invest in earning and retaining the trust of your customers will make or break your business.

Positive online reviews are associated with trust, and most customers visit review sites to either leave a review or get the opinion of other users about a particular brand or product. Therefore, it is important to monitor how customers perceive your business so that you can promote the positive experiences and handle the negative ones. Keeping tabs on what people are saying about your company and products may seem overwhelming, but there some tools to help you monitor and improve your online reputation.

Online reputation management tools allow businesses to monitor their online reputation and promote positive reviews through online platforms. These tools also provide a platform to users for submitting new reviews through email or direct links. The tools have built-in mechanisms that allow marketing teams to aggregate and analyze customer experience data and use it to understand how customers perceive their brand.

However, before you consider an online reputation management tool for your business, make sure it provides the following features:

  • Tracks online review sites for new and existing reviews
  • Offers platform to gather and analyze online reviews
  • Creates alerts and user experience reports according to your requirements
  • Provides forms or links to garner online reviews

Here are some of the most efficient online reputation management tools to help monitor your brand’s online reputation:

  1. ReviewTrackers: Known as the best review monitoring tool available on the market, ReviewTrackers is a simple yet effective web-based application that monitors online reviews from popular review sites such as Yelp, Google+ Local, TripAdvisor and much more. ReviewTrackers notifies you as soon a new review is posted about your brand or products on any of the review sites. These notifications help entrepreneurs manage their online reputation by reading and responding to reviews. Designed for businesses of all sizes, ReviewTrackers allows users to centralize reviews; sort data by date and rating; and integrate the tool with their customer service helpdesk.
  2. ReviewPush: Considered the leading online review management tool for small- to medium-sized businesses, ReviewPush provides a dashboard for monitoring reviews, reputation tracking and customer engagement. This tool allows you to monitor social media from multiple sites such as Google, UrbanSpoon, Insider Pages, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. The tool sends a notification to you when a new review is posted. These alerts contain a link to the review and allow you to read and respond instantly.
  3. Trackur: This is the most accurate and cost-effective management tool. Trackur is a social networking tool that scans every content available online, including news articles, blogs, images, videos, online forums, etc. and provides the required information. This tool will tell you what people see when they search for your brand and products in any search engine or social network.
  4. Google Alerts. Probably the simplest form of reputation management, it is also the easiest and the most effective. You only add in the keyword you want to track, and you will get notifications when and where that word was mentioned. This tool does not offer any analysis but provides you the data.
  5. Grade.us: One of the leading review management platform for businesses, Grade.us enables you to find more and better online reviews on sites like Google and Facebook. This tool also helps you identify unhappy customers before they write bad online reviews, and it also monitors reviews across the popular review sites, so you always know what’s being said about your brand. With this tool, you can turn your best reviews into SEO-friendly content to improve your online reputation.

In the end, the tool you select depends on what you need to monitor. If you need help with social media, find a tool that focuses specifically on that aspect. Regardless of which tool you decide on, be careful of your brand’s online reputation and keep looking for ways to improve it.

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