Common Challenges That Businesses Face in Managing Their Online Reputation

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Online reputation management has become a necessity for businesses that are dependent on the Internet for selling their products. The base of any online business is its reputation, and therefore one negative online review by a dissatisfied customer can affect the overall performance and profitability of a business.

Most businesses now realize that once their brand’s reputation is stained, it may take a long time to regain the same peak. A single strain on your brand’s image can make you lose millions. Building positive online reputation requires lots of efforts and time.

It is not an easy task to create and maintain an online reputation for your business. Anyone can leave negative feedback about your product on a customer review site, and it will be visible to users for an indefinite time. Not only your dissatisfied customers, but even your competitors can spread negative opinions about your products using social media, blogs and customer review sites. All this can spoil your online reputation.

Broadly, businesses face three major challenges when trying to manage their online reputation.

1. Lack of standards and rules: There are no set standards for measuring the impact of negative online customer reviews. Anyone with an anonymous identity can post good or bad reviews about brands and products, making fact-checking impossible. While some businesses have experienced success in attracting prospective customers through positive word-of-mouth, others have failed to convince dissatisfied customers in public debates. Because of lack of rules, some organizations are even finding it difficult to control what their own employees are posting online.

2. Indefinite lifespan of online content: Negative online feedback will most likely never go away. As a policy, most customer review sites refuse to remove the original content irrespective of whether it is genuine or fake. When a prospective customer is searching for your business and comes across a negative review, your brand image is irreparably stained in his mind. Chances are that customer will choose a competitor over you. Even if that feedback is baseless or has long ago been resolved, the original negative content will be available for public view for a long time.

3. Damage from a lost customer: Even a single negative comment on search engine results can make your business profits take a nosedive. However, it is not possible to quantify the losses caused by the loss of a customer. But clearly, it is logical to assume that when an existing or a prospective customer leaves your brand for a competitor, it affects your revenues.

Managing your online reputation is a challenging job. It is recommended to hire a reputation management company that can help you manage your brand’s online reputation and protect it from attacks. You must choose a reliable provider that can guide you on innovative ways to build a positive online reputation and help you remove negative comments from search results.

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