Do You Have a Content Strategy in Place for Your Website?

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Nearly 47 percent of B2B buyers read three to five content pieces before interacting with a salesperson, yet over 70 percent of sellers don’t have a content strategy in place. This information was revealed in a recent survey by the Demand Gen Report. Now, what is content strategy? Content strategy is a way to tell potential customers what you do, why you do it and that you have the right products or services to address their needs. Your content does the tough task of educating and informing your target customers about your products and services.

Unfortunately, most businesses are operating without an effective content strategy. Do you too fall into this category? If yes, then you’re not only leaving money on the table, you’re giving it to your competitors. Irrespective of your industry, content strategy is and will continue to be the most effective way to promote your business. So here are five compelling reasons for you to plan a content strategy for your website.

1. Developing the right content: If content is king, then content strategy is the king-maker. By far, content plays the most important role in promoting your products and services. While creating content for your website, you need to focus on writing excellent quality and authoritative content. A well-researched content piece will make consumers turn to your website for advice and position you as the authority in your field. To get an edge over competitors, you need updated content that is relevant to your readers. Keeping the content updated will drive traffic to your website, generate more leads and your website will rank better in search engine results pages.

2. Connecting with customers: Customers feel a more positive bond with brands that offer customized content. This makes content strategy instrumental for firming up customer relations. By providing customized content to your customers, you will get to know them better. A good content strategy focuses on the target customer and makes them feel connected. Your customers should not feel as though they are being sold products all the time. Every piece of content on your website should allow your brand to transmit its values and form a lasting relationship with the customer.

3. Time and money saving: If you have a streamlined content strategy, all your marketing channels will begin to work more efficiently. For instance, your content creation and maintenance processes will be quicker because your focus will now move from creating lots of content to creating the right content. Similarly, content structure and messaging will be more consistent due to better coordination across business units.

4. Word-of-mouth publicity: By nature, customers socialize while they are using, or deciding to use, your products and services. Most of the social networks have now doubled as shopping platforms. Your content could be your voice on such social platforms. If the content you post shows value and conveys the right message, your customers will feel inspired to repost and share it. This will help you gain loyalty from existing customers that may result in a purchase the next time they need what your brand can offer. Content strategy is, therefore, very closely tied to social media.

5. Customer engagement: Content strategy will help you to create better-quality content that your customers would like to read, like and share. This will not only attract more visitors to your site but will also help engage existing customers.

If you lack the manpower or if you aren’t sure about suitable content strategy for your business, reach out to us. We can help you frame an effective content strategy for increasing traffic, leads and sales.

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