Facebook Can Help You Increase Website Traffic. Here’s How!

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Though Facebook is not the only social network, with more than one billion active users globally, it seems to be the most popular one. A recent Shareaholic report discovered that Facebook drives more website traffic as compared to any other social media platform. You can use Facebook to promote your business, stay in touch with your customers and attract more traffic to your website.

Facebook offers endless possibilities for attracting visitors to your website. In fact, experts are of the view that the website traffic from Facebook and other major social networking sites may soon surpass the traffic from Google and other search engines. Now, it is up to you to leverage the features of Facebook for bringing steady traffic to your website and growing your customer base.

Here are some of the ways to increase website traffic from your Facebook page:

1. Optimize your Facebook page: When promoting specific sections of your website, make sure you provide relevant URLs in your Facebook posts. Your target customers may expect you to link them directly to the specific webpage instead of taking them to the generic homepage. You could also consider putting a call-to-action button on your Facebook page. When visitors click this button, they’ll be taken to the specific section on your website, such as a registration form, contact us form, etc.

2. Post engaging content regularly: The easiest way to attract customers is by sharing interesting news and pictures of your products and services regularly on your Facebook page. You could also consider including blogs on your website that can become part of your Facebook posts. This way you’ll get a steady stream of engaging content that you can promote through your Facebook posts, and your customers will get something interesting to read that will keep them coming back for more.

3. Invest in advertising: Facebook advertisements appear as big, clickable images in the newsfeed of your target customers, and they can help you expand the reach of your Facebook posts. Facebook allows you to select customer groups for your ads, such as gender, location, age, including or excluding customers who prefer your competitors, etc. Through various reports, Facebook will keep you updated on the kind of ROI you’re achieving.

4. Pin and highlight your posts: Pinning your latest posts to the top of the page is another great way to drive website traffic from your Facebook page. You can pin your post to the top by hovering over your post, clicking the edit button and then clicking “Pin to the top.” A gold-colored mark on the right-hand corner of the post indicates that your post has been pinned to the top, and this post will remain there no matter what else you share. So you’ll need to regularly unpin old posts and pin fresh ones. Similarly, you can attract more attention to posts by highlighting them. A highlighted post is spread across the two columns on your timeline, thereby attracting more viewers.

5. Add images to your posts: According to a study by Facebook Studio, posts with images attract more viewers. So whenever possible, share posts that carry attractive images along with links to your website. This will get more people to click on the images and links, thereby driving more traffic to your website.

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