How Can You Use Online Reviews in Your 2017 Marketing Strategy?

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As we begin to peek into the new year, it’s time for business development teams to firm-up their marketing strategies for 2017. And with over 90 percent of customers relying on online reviews, it’s important to include social listening to your marketing strategy. By including online reviews in your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to use storytelling techniques through your own customers.

Also, merely telling potential customers that your brand is the best won’t make them do business with you. But hearing the same feedback from other users might make them consider your brand. So if you’ve not been thinking of incorporating customer reviews into your marketing strategy, now’s your chance. You must strategically utilize customer reviews and show potential customers how great your brand is.

Here are the top five ways to effectively market your products using customer reviews:

1. Display on your website: You can publicly display testimonials and customer reviews on your website. To get the most favorable outcome, you must select the feedback that talks about the unique features and benefits of your products. Ideally, the testimonials should explain exactly how your products have benefitted customers. Reviews and testimonials automatically become more credible when they come from famous personalities or celebrities.

2. Share on social media: You can share constructive feedback with your followers on social media platforms. This will not only attract new customers but will also enhance your brand image across social media channels. However, while sharing, you must acknowledge the customer and express gratitude for giving the feedback. Such interactions will help create awareness among your followers.

3. Newsletter and blog: You can weave customer testimonials in articles and posts that you create for your organization’s blog and newsletter. For this, you should create groups of customers and send relevant newsletters or blog links that include reviews for the promotion of specific products and services.

4. Ebooks and ads: If you are writing an ebook for the promotion of your products or services, you can consider including customer reviews in it. Print and TV ads, too, are an excellent way to establish credibility and to win new customers.

5. Case studies: Through case studies, you can explain all the unique features of your products that helped a customer turn his business around. You can pick up one big problem and describe several ways to tackle it just by using specific products. The idea is to tell your customers that your products are capable of solving their problems.

Most businesses are now including customer reviews as part of their marketing strategy. According to a recent report, almost 83 percent of marketers believe that utilizing customer reviews definitely delivers good ROI. And, if managed properly, customer reviews can also enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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