This Holiday Season Empower Your Happy Customers to Spread the Good Word About You

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The most powerful tool to expand your customer base is, of course, positive feedback from existing happy customers. There’s no better way to improve your brand’s image!

A number of studies in the past have indicated that buying is an emotional decision, and people only rely on honest opinions. According to research by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, almost 90 percent of small businesses depend on word-of-mouth for increasing their customer base. However, getting your existing customers to spread the good word about your brand and products is more than a cakewalk. It requires a lot of hard work to exceed your customers’ expectations and make them your brand advocates.

We’ve put together five effective ways to empower your customers to become your ultimate brand ambassadors.

1. Encourage offline word-of-mouth: Customers don’t connect with you, they connect with your products. That’s why you need to reach out to customers who are doing extraordinary things with your products and shine the spotlight on them.

2. Interact often on social media: You can use social media to build brand advocates. People these days share their good or bad experiences on social media. So it’s up to you to interact with such customers and get them motivated to share positive opinions about your products. Businesses that interact with customers and offer helpful information foster brand advocacy. When done right, real-time interaction with a negative customer can turn him into a happy customer.

3. Request testimonials from happy customers: You can revive boring web pages by adding testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials that come straight from existing customers will attract trust and credibility from potential customers. Genuine testimonials could be a great sales technique. And the best part is, your website will have plenty of authentic promotional material without going overboard.

4. Show gratitude: Showing gratitude to customers who spread the good word will inspire them to continue spreading it. You must keep an eye on your followers on social media, and when it is suitable, you should recognize and acknowledge their contribution. Your attention will demonstrate that you do care and that your customers are not just sources of revenue for you.

5. Offer unmatched customer service: Going the extra mile to provide great customer service is a sure shot way to turn customers into brand advocates. Putting the customer’s satisfaction first should be your motto. Even small things can go a long way toward creating a lifetime impression in the minds of your customers. Always strive to make the customer happy.

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