Tips for Generating Qualified Leads Using Social Media

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Thanks to the Internet, there are now hundreds of ways to generate qualified leads – and some of them are very effective.

You can make use of search engine optimization (SEO), which can drive more potential customers to your website. You can also leverage content strategy, which includes informative blogs, free ebooks and white papers in exchange for contact details and email addresses that you can nurture. Last but not least, we have social networks, which are arguably one of the most effective ways to generate leads in today’s digital age.

So, what is the secret to generating qualified leads using social media? To be successful in social media lead generation, you have to understand the fundamental differences between social networks and other marketing platforms.

Through social networks, customers are looking to forge relationships. They are looking for someone they can go to for help or someone they can have a two-way conversation with. On social networks, customers expect brands to be honest and trustworthy and have a real personality. Customers do not want to handle pushy salespeople or unnecessary jargon thrown their way. They demand genuine and authentic interactions. If you can deliver this kind of customer experience, the leads will follow.

Tips for Social Media Lead Generation

Knowing what customers expect from social networks, it is easy to see that generating leads from it requires a little bit of tact. Unlike marketing channels, you cannot just share promotional material on social networks and expect it to work. You have to provide value to your customers if you want something in return, and this requires creativity as well as strategy. Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are powerful tools that are usually sprinkled on Twitter and Instagram posts, and they can help to broaden your reach. Industry-specific and location-based hashtags are great for reaching a broader audience as well as potential customers who could be interested in the content you are sharing. This will boost your chances of being found by qualified leads, which is why it is essential to ensure your company profile page is impressive.
  2. Promote a webinar: Social networks make it easy to promote webinars to a targeted audience. Not only will potential customers be able to read about the upcoming webinar, but you can also provide them with a registration link so they can take action while you have their interest and generate a potential lead. However, there will be people who could not register or find time for the webinar but are still interested in your products or services. Creating a landing page that provides all of the information covered in the webinar is an excellent way to generate leads even after the event has passed.
  3. Offer giveaways: Everyone loves giveaways, so you can consider hosting a “game of chance” or offering holidays giveaways on your social media profile pages. These types of campaigns will attract potential customers and qualified leads to your social media page. You can consider including an entry or contact form and capture lead data. At the end of the contact form, be sure to include an option for participants to share the offer via their social networks.
  4. Conduct polls and surveys: As experiential marketing is becoming more prevalent, customers are more interested in brands they can engage with. One of the most effective ways to do this is by conducting polls and surveys that allow existing and potential customers feel involved. By getting a pulse of your target audience, you will be able to create lead-generating content.
  5. Effective call-to-action (CTA): Your CTA has to be efficient and precise, as it is one of the most critical steps in attracting potential customers for your products and services. A strong CTA will entice the visitors to your website and encourage them to perform specific actions.

As your social media followers and brand credibility increase, so will leads. With a combination of useful content, social media advertising and engagement optimization techniques, you will be able to harness the strength of social networks to supplement your lead generation efforts.

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