Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page With Positive Customer Reviews

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Facebook, if used properly, can prove to be an efficient platform for promoting your business, reaping the benefits of referrals and increasing brand awareness.  Your Facebook business page can provide a lot of valuable features to help your business grow and generate more revenue. You can stay in touch with your existing as well as potential customers through your business page. Your business page on Facebook allows you to have two-way communication. Not only can you share important information and updates, but even your customers can ask questions, express their opinion about your products/services and share their good or bad experiences.

Here are the top four reasons your business needs a Facebook page with positive customer reviews:

1. Facebook is the most popular platform: Customers are relying more on Facebook than on other review sites. According to the research team at ReviewTrackers, in the last few years, customer reviews on Facebook have grown four times compared to sites such as Yelp and Google+. Also, happy customers are 70 percent more likely to share feedback on Facebook than on any other site.

2. Customer reviews influence buying decisions: According to a report by The Drum, in 2015 Facebook influenced nearly 52 percent of total purchases, including online and offline. Consumers are more interested in making a purchase when they see positive reviews about a product or service. Influencer marketing is gaining momentum because customers want to know what others have experienced when consuming the same products or services. Almost 66 percent of your total customer base is likely to share experiences on Facebook, and one-third of consumers will connect with your business on Facebook.

3. Increase trust and credibility: Displaying customer reviews and testimonials on your Facebook business page will help build trust and credibility. Not only will your existing customers be interested in reading unbiased opinions, but also your potential customers will begin trusting you. Per recent reports, there is an 82 percent chance of converting visitors to customers when you showcase customer reviews on Facebook.

4. More referrals: Your customers are more likely to refer you to close family and friends when they trust your products and services. Word-of-mouth continues to be a great way to attract more potential customers. Also, when existing customers leave reviews on your Facebook business page, it exposes your business to a much wider range of potential customers. Genuine customer reviews will reap the same benefits for your business that expensive marketing strategies offer.

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