Your Mailing List Is Your Biggest Content Marketing Asset

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With Facebook constantly changing its privacy settings and content sharing policies, it’s becoming difficult for brands to engage with their followers. So it’s high time that you reallocate some of your funds and energy toward building your email list.

According to an analysis published by Ogilvy, the organic reach of content published by brands on Facebook will soon be close to zero. While this does not mean that all social channels are fading, it should make you shift your focus from social media to mailing lists. Your mailing list will be the first step toward building a reliable customer database. The next step will be to bring your social media followers to your email list. Your mailing list will not only help you in nurturing leads and closing sales but will also help you generate repeat business.

Here are some important stats about emails that should get you motivated to create a mailing list:

  • Compared to social media, emails are at least four times more effective in reaching your target audience.
  • The open rate of emails is around 20 percent.

The US Direct Marketing Association believes that every dollar spent on emails can bring in $35.

So your mailing list can play an important role in the growth of your business and you should never ignore it. Here’re a few ways for turning your email list into your greatest marketing asset.

  1. Create an authentic mailing list: All online activities, including blogging and content sharing on social media, are important and help in creating a strong email list. However, creating a genuine mailing list is crucial as it helps in building a long-term relationship with your target customers. You need to stay in touch with your followers because unless they remember you, they are unlikely to pay any attention to your emails. You can encourage word-of-mouth publicity by sharing unique and relevant content. However, you’ll need to remove inactive and unwanted subscribers in order to keep the mailing list clean and updated.
  2. Focus on quality of content: Quality plays an integral role in converting potential customers into loyal ones. You can consider hiring writers and authors for efficiently conveying your messages to your target audience. Work smarter and spend quality time on strategizing your marketing plans.
  3. Don’t share too many links: Sharing more than one link in your email will distract your readers. Therefore, only share links that are relevant and informative. Also, sharing more links will reduce your click-through rate. It is also important to limit the number of links in your email because people tend to filter the message as spam if there are too many links or attachments. If possible, mention the most important part of your message at the beginning of your email.
  4. Communicate with your followers: Try to understand their pain points and their expectations. Only after you’ve understood their needs and pain will you be able to deliver what they want. Communicate with them as if you’re talking to a friend who needs your help. Be genuine. Be available.
  5. Give regular offers: If your aim is to promote your product, focus on its special features in your email. Focus on providing maximum information in a way that is interesting to read and helps your readers relate to your products. Your products should enhance the lives of your customers and help them achieve their goals.

Almost all business owners, content marketers and conversion rate experts agree that building an email list is vital for the success of any business. You wouldn’t want to be the one who misses out on connecting with customers, or fails to drive new business, or feels left out in the ever-changing search algorithms. You would want to be the business owner who is happier and more successful because of an effective and updated mailing list.

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